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Unique Pieces are a Non-profit organization,

funded by the City of Plano.

They strive to give equal opportunity to serve fun & nutritious food for all children. 

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What does this mean for the Summer Camps? 
Every day Mon. - Fri. 

Unique Pieces will be supplying food to serve to all camp participants 

During the day we give 2 snack breaks, one of the snacks is provided, but 2nd snack is not. 2nd snack would need to be provided from home. 

We also sell $1 snacks every break, chips, candy, soda, & bottled water is available for purchase. 

Down below is the Snack & Lunch Schedule for the children.

You can see what we would be serving every day for 1st Snack & Lunch.

The Schedule repeats after the 3rd week.

If your child has any food allergies/sensitivities please inform us on the registration form.

Provided Snack & Lunch is optional - you may bring food from home if none of these seem suitable for your children.


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