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We are offering 1 week Spring Break Camp. The Session lasts for 1 week M-F from 9 AM - 5 PM on the LAST DAY OF CAMP @ 5:30pm, we have a presentation for friends and family.

  • For your children to be accepted into the program parents/guardians are REQUIRED to attend the parent meeting on the first day of camp at the end of the day at 5pm. If parents do not attend the required parent meeting their slot in the summer camp program may be forfeit. 

  • Early Drop Off or Late pick up can be arranged on the first day of camp with staff.

  • Parents will receive a detailed email containing ALL CAMP INFORMATION.

  • Parents will need to send students with a sack lunch, water bottle, and 2 snacks. If your child is prone to accidents please send them with a change of clothes that we can keep throughout the duration of the camp. If your child is prescribed any medication or allergies please provide us with a detailed instruction note as well as a written consent form to administer said medication. All medication MUST be labeled and put in a plastic bag. 

  • Send them with a lunch & 2 snacks with a re-fillable water bottle. Sack Lunches & Snacks will be sent from home & stored in our onsite refrigeration until if needed.

  • Parents will be emailed rules, schedule, etc one week prior to camp and again the day before camp begins.


  • The Spring Break Camp max outs at 35 attendees. 

  • This is a communal Theatre. Meaning everyone chips in to do their fair share in clean up. Also the children during lunch and snack time sit picnic style eliminating table groups so no child is separated or ostracized from any group. We will evaluate and assess each child on the first day of class to make sure they are assigned an appropriate developmental group of peers. 


Sample Schedule:
( this is not applicable to every camp or every day - some flexibility will be needed)
9:00 -9:30 Carpool drop off line & assembly in theatre- games & parent greetings
9:30 Break into groups and begin the day (Group l Art, Group 2 Dance, Group 3 Drama, Group 4 Music)
11 :00 - 11 :20 Snack Break & Games
11 :20-12:45 - Rotate Groups (Group 1 Dance, Group 2 Drama, Group 3 Music, Group 4 Art)
12:45 - 1 :20 - Lunch & Meditation if needed
1 :20 -2;50 Group Rotations
2:50-3:10 Snack Break & Decompression/Stretching
3:10-4:40 Final Rotation
4:40-5:00 Assembly in the theatre for discussion, reflection, camp-themed activity until pick-up. Teachers
greet parents and discuss progress and car-pool line.

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