(Sponsored by the City of Plano)

 We have two kinds of programs here at the Art Centre Theatre for you! The first selection is a FREE Summer Arts Camp (sponsored by the City of Plano).

Camps: Pirates Cove, Jungle Journey, Space Force, and Knights & Fairies & Goblins, Oh My!


 In these difficult times, The Art Centre Theatre & The City of Plano would like to lend a helping hand to the families of our city.
If you have children between the ages of 8-14, The City of Plano is underwriting a FREE ARTS PROGRAM
that is open to any Plano Resident.


The Summer will be broken down into 4 - 2 week camps.

1. Each family is welcome to signup for ANY of these 2-week sessions.

2. Each Session lasts for 2 weeks M-F from 9 AM - 5 PM on the LAST DAY OF CAMP @ 5:00

3. We'll have a special presentation, an art show, a sing along and a dance contest for the public and parents.

4. Early Drop Off or Late pick up can be arranged on the first day of camp with staff.

5. Parents will receive a detailed email containing ALL CAMP INFORMATION, after your register. (It may take a minute for you to recieve.)

6. Parents will need to send students with a sack lunch, water bottle, 2 snacks, a change of clothes, towel, flip-flops, sunscreen
and for field trips any pocket money they think their child may need.

7. Each camper will make their own camp T-Shirt -
To be worn on field trips. So please indicate T-shirt size at the time of registration.

Please pick a camp BELOW and register for the session by following the link provide.

COVID-19 Worries!

In accordance to Covid - 19, plus taking further percussions, ACT has set up a quarantined safe environment for your children. Supplied with masks, gloves, germ x, a non-touchable thermometers, separating children in different rooms to keep contact at a minimum, and much more.

1400 Summit Ave. Suite D Plano Tx 75074





Jungle Journey

Two children find a mysterious book. The author is a mystery. The two children try to involve their parents, but they don't believe them. Soon the two children discover a mystical force behind the book. It's able to transport them into a world like no other has seen. All of the woodland fairy-tale creatures are real! It's up to the two children to try unravel the mystery and save them from an unstoppable force that they can not see. They can only sense their presence. 



Space Force

We Venture out into the deep depths of space! Only a select lucky few gets to travel in the futuristic Vourger, The DreadKnott, an interdimensional space ship. The first in its class to travel between the fabrics of time and space through the different diminsional plains! Truely an out of this world exploration that suddenly goes wrong! They discover a hungery race of interdimenisonal Aliens! Monsters! Creatures! No science experiments can hold them off! Trapped on the space Dreadknott as their resources run low! Who will save the brave souls in the lost void of space? You won't believe the ending to this comsic space story!



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