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Tonight ONLY! Louie comes to TX

Clean Comedy! Engaging Comedy! Quality Comedy!

ACT gets the best comedians not just around the DFW area, but also in LA.

A rising star in the comedy scene making his tour right now.

You could see this star and meet him in an intimate space for an affordable $18 Tickets!

His video reached over 1 million views on Tiktok and Instagram!

You do not want to miss out on this spectacular event!

Description about Louie:

Comedian Louie Centanni delivers an introspective, heartwarming blend of standup comedy and storytelling that reflects on whether anyone is ever truly "ready" for life's biggest moments -- and how we can come to terms with it all. 


Known for his poignant observations about the absurdities of childhood, aging, marriage, step-parenting, and owning a dog that is too big for this world, Louie Centanni is a touring standup comedian and college professor. In 2023, he released his first comedy special through Dry Bar Comedy, entitled Made in the 90s. He is a regular at the La Jolla Comedy Store.


When he's not on stage, he spends his days navigating marriage with his wife Yasaman while rolling a silly wagon filled with lawn chairs and orange slices from the car to his stepson's 8 am soccer games.

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