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ACT offers Volunteer Community Service hours M-S from 10 AM - 5 PM Additional hours may be available you must call ahead of time to request additional hour time slots 972-881-3228. If no-one answers please leave a message. We have a small staff & will return your call ASAP.

You do not need to call to make an appointment, but do call on the day you are coming to make sure someone will be here. 

Community Service

ACT does not require any pre-screening or paper work prior to starting nor do we have training or require any fees or processing from workers. You will be supervised by staff when here.

While at ACT, workers are advised that while on the premises they are recorded by video surveillance and throughout their stay they are under video monitoring. There is no cell-phone use in the building and no fraternization with staff, actors or ACT families. Personal possessions should be left in your car, and you must check in and out with the staff - your hours will be logged and your sheets will be signed accordingly.

ACT is happy to host your volunteer/community service hours and pledges to treat you with respect and tolerance, we expect you to do the same while in our home. Thank you!


If you would like to be put on our recurring volunteer list for us to call you when we need help.



Please let us know about your experience at ACT.

  1. Cleaning

  2. Painting

  3. Errands

  4. Qualified Electrical Work

  5. Qualified Plumbers

  6. Qualified Carpenters

  7. Phone Calls

  8. Office Work

  9. Errands

  10. Workshop duties

  11. Sweeping

  12. Mopping

  13. Flier distribution

  14. Community Outreach

  15. Ushering

  16. Office Work

  17. Data Entry

  18. Other

1. Things to remember when coming to do community service or volunteering.​

2. Call one hour before you come in. (we don't want you to drive over & we are all at lunch

3. Bring food / water

4. Remember to log in & Out and leave a copy of your time sheet in the volunteer folder (otherwise you were never here)

5. No suggestive or revealing clothing

6. No logos of unprofessional nature

7. Wear comfortable clothes you do not mind getting dirty

8. Leave your personal possessions in your car & your phone turned OFF

9. If you leave without clocking out, all hours for that day are void.

10. Come with an attitude of gratitude & be nice!

11. If you are sick (fever, cough, headache) stay home!

  1. College Credit

  2. Service Club hours

  3. College Resume hours

  4. Court Appointed hours

  5. Community Volunteers

  6. Senior engagement

  7. Public Serive Projects

  8. Scouts & Troupes

  9. Fraternity or Sororitiy projects

  10. Those looking to learn more on site job training

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