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Auditions for teens performing in our 2018 summer touring shows will be held 9-1 on Saturday May 12th. Please be prepared with a one-minute comedic monologue.

Every year ACT rounds up public, private, and home-school kids ages 12-18 and puts them to work. Interested parties should have reliable transportation, an open summer schedule, a pleasant nature, enjoy children and adults, and be willing to learn multiple scripts. During the summer shows can run from 9 am till 2 pm M-F - this allows for a summer job after 2:00 or on weekends. Auditionees need to bring a one-minute monologue and be prepared to answer random improv questions react to situations. Spots are paid, but are subject to availabilty. Auditionees must be able to pass a background check/drug test.

We will rehearse and improv the shows for 1 week, with periodic brush-ups to refresh everyone's memories. Participants will be paid a split from the shows. Each member will be cast in multiple roles and will rotate in and out of the tours. Those wishing to continue the tour schedule into the fall will have first dibs on spots. Preference is given to those who can commit to being in the tour troupe for a full year, however, this is not mandatory.

Download Intern Contract Below

by clicking the PDF File:

  (Most tours occur Mon-Fri, 9am, 11am, or 1pm. Shows last 30-45 minutes and include Q&A. Alternate times are available on request.)  

 Note: Interested in performing in our touring shows? Information is provided at the bottom of the page!

The Art Centre Theatre is, first and foremost, a community theatre. We utilize youth as well as adult actors when touring to a location. You may book our production to travel to your location or you may come to our spacious 75-100 seat theatre. All shows are paticipatory, which means that those watching will also be acting. Please note that this is an educational experience focusing on; problem solving, socialization, sensory integration, deductive reasoning, group participation, memorization, recall, planning, and all other elements of story drama and theatre.
For groups of more than 100, you will want to arrange for us to travel to your facility. There is $20 fee for us to drive to you. In a dramatic production, the audience watches the production from a seated location, (the floor is fine) after the production the cast will have a question and answer session with audience members. 

(2 hr story drama): 
$200 Includes 15 kids. 
$10.00 per additional kid.

(2 hr story drama): $150 

Half of the full booking fee is due at the time of booking. There are no refunds for cancellations. The final a mount is due in full the day of the event prior to event taking place. A $100 cleaning deposit is due upon booking.

To Book a Show: Contact Jamey Jamison (, 1400 Summit Avenue Plano, Texas 75074 or 972-881-3228

  • 1-25 People - $6/person (4 chaperones free)

  • 26-50 People - $5/person (6 chaperones free)

  • 51-75 People - $4/person (8 chaperones free)

A 50% deposit is required upon booking, balance due on the day prior to performance. No refunds or exchanges.

Download Touring Contract Below

by clicking the Word File:

Teen Touring

Cast Auditions


The Happy/Sad/Angry Story -

Make this your own.

Emotions are hard! Expressing them when you are a kid is even harder. This story of the people in the land of EEEEEE-motions helps children identify and express those complex feelings in a positive and fun way as they take on the characteristics and colors of those things we all feel every day. A guided journey into a fantasy world lets children talk about, question and express positively how things make them feel!


 Queen Ima in Charge and the GIANT

The Queen's Azalea Bushes are being stomped on and her Gluteus Maximus is being bounced all over her castle. Who is stomping? Who is making all that noise? Who is so rude? Could it be ... the GIANT?! It appears so! Who will help the Queen rid her kingdom of this foul BEAST!? Who will help her find peace? Will a hero come forth? Maybe an audience member can help!? Hmmmmmmm ... Students learn the value of manners, using their words and saying please in this hilarious tale of decorum and politeness.


Cowboy Bob and the Villain of Gooseberry Bush (A Melodrama)

It’s a MELODRAMATIC ride through the drama of a melodrama! Ride with “Cowboy Bob” and his gal “Ms. Sally” through the WILD! WILD! WEST! (NO GUNS! Only horses and mustaches) in an adventure to undo the dastardly deeds of none other than the mean, nasty, EEE-VIL!!!!!! “Snidely Smee”! Children will act out a 1930’s melodrama complete with face-paint, damsels in distress, cowboys riding to the rescue and a good-ole-fashion, tie me to the tracks, screaming, hollering, throw yourself on the ground and holler for help, chase scene thru the wonderful world of over-acting and silliness. Will Cowboy Bob save Ms. Sally? Will the train find our heroine? Will Snidley Smee get new mustache wax? Will the teachers remember to bring their earplugs that day?    


The Boy Who Cried Wolf!

Timmy did not like watching the sheep - they were boring. He is so bored, Bored, BORED! There is nothing to do ... except tell lies. His lying may, however, get him in trouble since the sheep have had enough and may rebel. This story seems very timely given the current political status of the world. Teach children now not to lie, or they may grow up to do it as adults - or leaders. This audience participation story has a great moral lesson.


The Queen and the Dragon

In this epic story, Queen “ImAinCharga!” bosses everyone around and tells them to find her a pet dragon, while she sits on the throne eating bon-bons. Do you think that is fair? After sending out wave after wave of royal servants who have the attention span of pineapples, the Queen finally learns to do things for herself! Will she find her dragon? Children dress up in costumes and stomp around in this original tale of spatial relations and problem solving! Will anyone find the dragon--the guards, the cooks, the princess, the queen? Or maybe that kid in the back?! It’s all up to the audience.


 RUDE RUDE RUDE ! That Rude Suzy Q

she is always telling people what to do! What is her problem? She tells daddy what to do, she tells mama what to do, she even tells GRANNY what to do ...(not a good idea!). Why does everyone put up with Suzy Q? Will anyone tell her she is not the boss of you!? Maybe Big Bertha can help! Children learn about the consequences of being bossy in this cautionary tale about being a know-it-all.

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