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Colored Theatre Lights

If you have participated in a tuition-based show and performed at least one production in the last year you may be eligible for an internship at one of our camps. 

Interns will be taken behind the scenes and learn the ins and outs in how to manage a production. They'll be learning by doing and be taught by our team of Directors.

ACT expects those accepted to intern  to be responsible, trustworthy, hard working, polite, and to represent the theatre in a positive manner. Interns keep an account of hours worked on a standard time sheet. Credited intern hours may be applied to 1/3 - off future tuition in an upcoming production! 


1. 13 years or older (Exceptions have been made to this based on a person's maturity level and work ethic.)

2. Commit to work a minimum of 2 weeks/one full summer camp.                                                                   

3. Be present from 8:45 am to 5:15 pm daily. Must be here each day, all day.                                                     


1. Assist the camp directors in supervising the campers. Be supportive, friendly, and willing. Set a good example.                

   2. Interns do a little of everything including: clean up, bathroom, kitchen, floors, painting, lead and participate in all camp        activities, office work, supervise lunch and snack breaks, participate in set builds, and many other random things that go into learning the behind the scenes in managing a production.                                                                                               

3. If needed, interns can be cast in the camp production.                                                                                                                


1. Interns will be interacting with the campers, helping the director, or doing theatre chores throughout the day.                   

2. Inters get a 30 minute lunch break and 15 minutes break each 8 hour day they work.                                                               

3. Cell phones are to be used ONLY on your break time, and NEVER while you are with the campers or working around the theaetre.                                                                                                                                                                                           

4. In the event the director does not need you, interns report to the office staff for job assignments.                                         

If you have any questions please email the executive director by clicking the button down below.

ACT's Internship!

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