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Bridge into the Woods

Book a Show for anytime during our regular Season and the actors will hang around to give a tour of backstage and do a 15 minute Q&A with the kids about the life of an actor. Advance Notice and booking is required. Booking includes priority seating, recognition at the show and the theatre guide for after show VIP Treatment. ​​


Participants will listen to a prewritten story orally, paying attention to sequencing, plot, structure, character types, and more! Then will put on costumes & under the guidance of a trained instructor act out the story on stage. After a successful rehearsal parents and friends are invited to the last 15 minutes of class to observe, applaud & offer feedback. 


Students are treated to a 2 hour Theatre Workshop covering a little history, a little drama, some singing, dancing, acting, theatre, terminology & a lot of silliness & fun. Students will experience an acting workshop with scene work and improve and will critique and assist their friends in finding their "center" and "truth" in their craft. This is a great workshop for an inquisitive and ambitious group! 


This badge explores the different types of theatre on stage. Identifying and exploring (through performance and DOING) the different elements of drama in theatre; comedy, tragedy, melodrama, performance art, etc. This workshop is best for an older group but can be adapted to younger troupes as well. 

Badge Workshops for GIRL/BOY SCOUT TROOPS 

Workshops are appropriate for all troops and all ages. 
All workshops can be expanded/shrunk to accommodate time/age constraints

2 hour Workshop for $150 for up to 15 participants.

$10 for every child over the group total of 15. 

Chaperone's &/or Troupe Leaders are free! 

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