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Jamey Jamison


Executive Director

Jamey Jamison is loving life at ACT and is entering his 5th year as the organization's Executive Director. He still teaches at public and private schools throughout DFW in the AM, while running ACT in the PM. Jamey has been cajoled back on stage for a few plays this past year like "Much Ado About Nothing," "Murder By Death" and "The Birdcage." But his heart is still in the tech booth. Jamey has had the fortunate privilege of becoming an uncle for a second time this year and wants everyone to know that there will be another generation of actors coming up soon. He continues his journey of self-discovery by continuing to challenge himself and his staff with ever more diverse programming and plays. In the coming years you will see at ACT an outdoor amphitheater, more social events for families and a Fall Carnival we hope to make a yearly event. First and foremost, Jamey wants to hear from you, the public, about what you want ACT to be, because after all isn't that what community theatre is all about? Taking this journey together, as a community.

For Jamey personally, this journey has taught and given him many things; strength, resolve, respect, patience, but above all humility. It is with a humble and grateful heart that he enters into year 5 of leading this theatre group. This has not been an easy journey, but few worthwhile things are ever easy. The personal and public success of this theatre has been built on the backs of its members and Jamey would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that he has not, cannot and would not be on this adventure alone. There has been an active and viscously supportive board, a legion of parents and children, and a battalion of public support that have gotten him and ACT to this point and he is so very moved and in awe every day of that fact. Thank you - thank you all so much.

Jamey’s Credentials:

  • Bachelors of Science in Biology from Harding University

  • Bachelors of Arts in Theatre with an emphasis on performance from UT

  • Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Media Journalism from UT

  • Associates Degree in Biology from Kilgore College

Jamey has received training and been to workshops that include:

  • The Stella Adler Studio of Acting-Los Angeles

  • UTA Hagen workshop Scott Acting Conservatory

  • Stanislavski Workshop — Stanislavski Experience

  • Brecht Workshop — Lee Lewis

  • Jason Bennett Actor’s Workshop

  • ACT – Venus Art Center Las Vegas

  • New York Film Institute

  • Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute- New York

  • Combat For the Stage — Klaus Von Hammerstieg

  • MGM studios Monster Makeup I, II & III Jim Barclay

  • MGM Studios apprenticeship Puppetry position

Jamey has taught / still teaches theatre classes and camps at public and private schools from around the Metroplex including:

  • Anne and Nate Levine Academy (A Solomon Schecter School)

  • Junior Players

  • Oak Hill Academy

  • Richland College

  • Quad C

  • Temple Emanu-El

  • Sherith Israel

  • Adat Chaverim

  • St. Mark’s

  • Akiba Academy

  • St. Christopher’s Montessori School

  • Yavneh Academy

  • St. Phillips Community Center

  • Parish Day School

  • Caper’s for Kids

  • Cooks Children’s Medical Center

  • Greenhill Academy

  • St. Anthony’s

  • Carpe Diem Private Pre-school

  • and many more!

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