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A New Year! A New Show Line Up!

ACT has put together a wonderful show line up for its Community.

Check out the Shows here.

January 13th, 2024 at 8:30pm

January 20th & 21st, 2024

January 25th, 2024 at 7:30pm

January 26th - February 11th, 2023

Comics Animal Style: Stand Up Comedy

I Can't Go Home: The Stage Play

Not Ready: Stand Up Comedy

Stop The Presses: Melodrama Play





ACT in partnership with Click on the Green Button below the poster to see their info. 

Written & Directed by


An ACT Comedy Special by Comedian Louie Centanni

Typeset by TIM KELLY

In Production with Pioneer Drama Service 

Light Sensitivity: Warning

Light Sensitivity: Light

Light Sensitivity: Light

Light Sensitivity: Light

Join ACT in a special one night event, produced by Bo Show. The best comics in DFW come together for a great cause: Animal Rescue. Cute, loving and adorable Dogs & Cats will be at the show! You do not want to miss this laugh out loud showcase. Start the year off with finding your new furry friend for life! 


A portion of the proceeds go to & Dallas Animal Services.

In This theatrical drama, Oriella finds out two people are trying to kill her. Who is the deadly duo ? Is it her own mother and her own husband? Or is it her own son and her bestfriend! Beforehand, she has a conversation with her son (Aldric) at a young age “Your father punishes us because he loves us in which he misunderstands, Causing him to believe while growing up that you punish the people you love. Eventually that goes a little to far.

Comedian Louie Centanni delivers an introspective, heartwarming blend of standup comedy and storytelling that reflects on whether anyone is ever truly "ready" for life's biggest moments -- and how we can come to terms with it all. 


Known for his poignant observations about the absurdities of childhood, aging, marriage, step-parenting, and owning a dog that is too big for this world, Louie Centanni is a touring standup comedian and college professor. In 2023, he released his first comedy special through Dry Bar Comedy, entitled Made in the 90s. He is a regular at the La Jolla Comedy Store.


When he's not on stage, he spends his days navigating marriage with his wife Yasaman while rolling a silly wagon filled with lawn chairs and orange slices from the car to his stepson's 8 am soccer games.

Freedom of the press is threatened when Sleazy Tab Lloyd gains control of “The Clarion” and stuffs each issue with utter nonsense:  ’Man-Eating Kangaroo Found in Tucson Hotel Lobby!’...  ’George Washington Is Alive!’ get the picture (but hopefully not the paper!).  Everyone will groan and howl at the jokes.  Of course, all ends well when our villain is defeated in the hilarious finale, and Aspen and Jack head down the wedding aisle.

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