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Art Centre Theatre & Legacy Seats

Dear Friends;


Thank you so much to those who have already donated to the Legacy Chair Fund and those who attended the CELEBRATION this past weekend to honor our donors. , bought an ACT legacy seat, or just sent notes of encouragement. You are all so wonderful and we feel so blessed. So far, thanks to your efforts, we have  $10,000 needed to meet program budget needs, but Summer is fast approaching and the City of Plano has chosen not to underwrite the Summer Arts Program this summer, which means that we cannot service the 500 children to whom we normally provide Summer Programming for free, as we have in years past. If you have not purchased your seat or donated to the fund, please consider making a contribution today to help us continue to support YOUTH SUMMER ARTS and the Arts in the North Texas area.


As promised, we want to keep you updated on our progress and the generosity of our supporters. So far 25 seats have been purchased or pledged. Recently we celebrated those who have already donated with the Legacy Chair Gala in which we honored those who have donated with an evening of frivolity, music, food and wine, we still have more than 30 seats unclaimed, so we chose to re-open up the chair campaign, titled “ACT LEGACY SEATING.”


In this fundraiser, If you donate $500 or more to ACT, we will allow you to pick the seat of your choice to have your name put on it for all time with a tasteful engraved 2 and 1/2 inch plaque that will show the North Texas Community that you support the arts.  We have about 50 seats to sell and when they are gone they are gone. We will have a dedication ceremony just after Thanksgiving to celebrate our gratitude and show off the new look. If you are interested in purchasing a seat. To donate and start this process, please copy and paste the link below into your browser and make your donation and the office staff will contact you to handle the rest:


The reason for this campaign is that, unfortunately, several of our government and private funding pledges have either dried up or fallen short of their pledges to produce. As a result, ACT finds itself still with a shortfall. Please give what you can to help us raise funds for summer programming and to keep the arts alive for so many kids who would otherwise never know the joy of creating worlds of their own through art! Thank you!



Fortis Talent

The Hamiltons


Mark & Tina Haug

The Dozeals

Tom Shubnell, 7/29/45 – 11/24/20

Rosalinda Perez A

Ashley Taylor Martin Wright

LoneStar Sound

Shidlofsky Family

Krystal Rodriguez

 Glenn Lorig and Sue Ann Lorig

Thomas Grail (PANGRAIL)

Ken Schwartz

Konni Eastin

Alex Whiteley & Charlie Biter

Laura Goodman

In memory of Lanny Cooper

Villians Burlerque 2023

Mary Jo Christian 

Al Escobedo

Priscilla Anderson

Greenberg family / In memory of Angie Brown

Feldman Family

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