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Happy New Years!


2023 is coming to a close.

A new Year approaches: 2024.

Everyone gear up to start writing 2024 on everything rather than 2023.

Let's take this time to reflect on those movies & stories that have traveled in time to the future, & how those movies thought what was going to be the future is now our present.

Where does the time go?

The easy answer: its in the past.

But we hope everyone takes a breath. Remember: time is precious; enjoy every second.

Use all your energy to create a positive & tolerant difference in this world.

And spend the time you have doing things you love.

Here at ACT, we're thankful to be doing what we love & giving our community raw, fun, quality entertainment. We hope to give you more in 2024.

From ACT's staff, Board, Executive Director,

Thank you to 2023 & all the fun it brought and taught us.

And Thank you to our community.

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