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Reefer Madness: The Satire Musical Opens 4/19 - 5/5 at the Art Centre Theatre!

The Satire Musical is back and stronger than ever. Come see what they would say back in the 1940s about the "Devils Lettuce"! Mocking the original propaganda film made by the US-of-A Government.

Satire Plot Summary:

When the most upstanding 1940's teenage kid Jimmy Harper succumbs to the evil temptations of the terrifying Reefer; he stumbles upon Satan's door of Sin, Decadence, and Murder. The Reefer Denizen's begin to bring the great Americana Town to its knees. Poor Mary Lane (Jimmy Harper's High School sweetheart.) tries to save Jimmy, but will she be too late?

Witness the ever -so-startling conclusion of Reefer Madness!

Grab your tickets, and "stand up to this leafy green assassin which is destroying our youth in America in alarmingly increasing numbers!"

Rated R

Show Length: 2 Hours

Show Run: 4/19/24 - 5/5/24

Book by Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney Music by Dan Studney Lyrics by Kevin Murphy

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