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The Melodrama Cast Brings Comedy To Life

View our photos that were taken for this funny show that will send you laughing on the floor. Popcorn - throwing fun!

Show Performance: January 26th - February 11th, 2024

Rated: PG

WARNING: SwampWater Sam eluded us. We tried a photoshoot day to try and take pictures of him. He is almost as if he's like a ghost! Help us find him! Plot Of Show:

Freedom of the press is threatened when Sleazy Tab Lloyd gains control of “The Clarion” and stuffs each issue with utter nonsense:  ’Man-Eating Kangaroo Found in Tucson Hotel Lobby!’...  ’George Washington Is Alive!’ get the picture (but hopefully not the paper!).  Everyone will groan and howl at the jokes.  Of course, all ends well when our villain is defeated in the hilarious finale, and Aspen and Jack head down the wedding aisle.

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