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Private Lesson Teachers

Scroll through the pictures then click on them to view their information & their emails.

When in pop up view hit the "Go to Link" button to view resume.

Brook Baker
maria headshot_edited
Bo Benny
Jamey Jamison
Paul Fried

We offer a numerous amount of options for private lessons such as: 

  • Acting Lessons

  • Improv Lessons

  • Dance Lessons

  • Singing Lessons

  • and many more


For a one time lesson the cost is $45 of a 30 minute session to assess your skills, discuss your goals and point in the right direction


If you book a 10 week session, you are given an 11th class for free. Each session is 30 minutes long. the cost is $300. The first class will evaluate your skill level and tailor the course curriculum to meet your goals and current skill level in order to take you onto the next incarnation of your talent.


Each class is one on one with the instructor.


Each class focuses on the basics as well as a progression though the discipline of your choice. 


Click the email down below to email us what kind of private lessons you're wanting to inquire about. 

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