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Sydney Cornelius

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Sydney is an ACT stage veteran and no stranger to the theatre, having been cast in several productions around the metroplex, including "Mary Poppins" as Winifred Banks, "A Christmas Carol" (Granny Chuzzlewit, Young Scrooge's Mother), "Jane Eyre" (Amy Eshton, ensemble), "Ragtime," "Les Miserable," "Shrek the Musical" and many more. She has acted as a fine arts director, choreographer, and musical director for several special productions in churches and camps over the years, and is proud to have been set designer for many of the shows in which she was cast, including both runs of "In The Heights" at Family Music Theatre. She has a passion for song & dance, and loves the constant level of energy and interaction that is provided by theatre. Most importantly, she believes in the message. So she is here, striving to bring life, laughter, inspiration to every seat in the house. Sydney is otherwise employed as a Graphic Designer for WME Live here in Plano. And just for a fun fact, Sydney has 2 awesome parents and 15 wonderful siblings. She is very thankful to all who have spoken blessings on her and encouraged her to pursue everything within her reach ... and even that which is beyond.

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