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ACT's Goal is Almost Met!

Hello ACT Community, ACT is glad to announce that we have raised $7500 out of the $10,000 goal! We're shy $2500. If anyone would be willing to help us reach our goal ACT would be greatly appreciative. ACT is a strong standing force in giving a voice and fostering a warm environment to both children and adults in the theatrical space. We plan on continuing by improving and giving quality entertainment to our public for many more years to come. We don't expect to give nothing in return. That's where the Legacy Seating comes in. A Legacy Seat gives you a high ranking title at our Theatre and shows the North Texas Community that you support not just local businesses but also the Theatrical Arts.

To Obtain a Legacy Seat takes 2 Steps: 1. Click the button below to Donate $500 or more 2. You'll get an email back from us asking what name you want on your 2 1/2-inch gold plaque and what seat you'd like it secured to in our theatre.

Anyone who comes to see one of our 30+ productions will see your plaque and how much you value small business and Local Performing Arts.

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