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Art Centre Theatre & Summer Camp 2024

Dear Parents,

This Summer will be a little different. In the past, ACT has managed to cobble together enough money in grants and underwriting to comp your children into summer camps for free. In reality, these camps cost us about $700 per child for a 2 week stay. This year, one of our major underwriters did not have the ability to continue to donate and underwrite its portion of the Summer Camps, This leaves us with a $400 defect per child. However, through some great leadership and planning, ACT anticipated such a possibility and has successfully saved enough in concessions sales to offer an additional $100 savings to returning ACT campers on top of the $300 in underwriting from other sources and ACT families. So if you have been to ACT in the past year we can knock the camp price down to $300 from the $700 actual total cost. That is cheaper than DAYCARE! You will still get all the ACT perks; singing, dancing, music, drama and PAUL and as an added incentive this year we are going to let the kids do a show every two weeks (details are shown in each camp online). We will still offer free lunch, we will still go to Hawaiian falls at a deep discount, we will still have water wars and all the fun just like every year, with a few surprises we can talk about later, they are BIG! . We wish we could keep doing it all for free, but everyone is struggling right now. We HAVE managed to comp more than half the costs for you and we have lifted the restrictions on having to be a PLANO resident in order to join. So now ANYBODY can have "A PLACE TO ACT FOR LIFE!" We are excited to see you all!!!!!

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