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Local Community Theatre: Tickets Selling Fast!

You don't want to miss out on The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!

Seats are selling fast.

Don't forget to reserve your seats to enjoy this Musical Comedy. We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible for you.

Reviews of the Musical: "A romping good time. Lots of giggles and smiles."

"Great musical with a wonderful cast"

"A pretty risqué topic for the time, but it was truly beautiful as they examined the humanity in these women."

Plot of Show

Miss Mona runs the Chicken Ranch, a brothel with a long history in a small Texas town. The locals have a good relationship with the institution, and Mona is respected in the community. The sheriff, Ed Earl Dodd, also looks out for the Chicken Ranch due to his past with Miss Mona. However, when pious reporter Melvin Thorpe exposes the brothel, outside interests want it shut down, putting the governor in a tough spot.

Performance Dates: November 3rd - 19th, 2023 Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm First two Sundays at 6pm Last Sunday at 3:30pm

Rated: R Show Length: 2 hours Light Sensitivity Warning: Medium

Credits: Book by Larry L. King and Peter Masterson Music and Lyrics by Carol Hall Based on a story by Larry L. King

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