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Upcoming Performances

Take a look at what's New to the ACT Stage! How To Eat Like A Child stars the talented Youth of ACT, these kids will take you through lessons 1 - 24 of how a child goes through life. Buy tickets using the link below!

This iconic play focuses on the beauty & pain of the feminine experience through the eyes of women of various ages, races, sexualities, and other differences.

Buy your tickets now using the link below!

This ACT Original cant be missed! Julia is a spoiled, egotistical, "woke" nut. Roger is a narcissistic, right wing, self serving ass. So why wouldn't they get married? Why wouldn't they invite the whole world to celebrate the mergers of their fortunes ... (ahem) lives. Why wouldn't their reception dinner feature a ... murder? You be the judge! Buy your tickets using the link below!

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