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Welcome to The Art Centre Theatre -
Conveniently located in Plano. As a community we provide an accessible environment for artists of all interest and experience to bring their passion to life. We strongly believe that people of all age, race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender identity have the right to express themselves in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
We offer instruction in theatrical arts (music, dance, voice and more!) We hope you'll enjoy our shows, and consider joining our rapidly growing family!


ACT Person
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ACT would like to recognize Mars Vazquez Clubb who has given unwavering support. Brand new at this theatre and always willing to give such a positive and inspiring energy. ACT thanks him for all his support and love he expresses for the Arts. 



September  29th - Oct. 15th, 2023

Star Kid
Music and Lyrics by Meredith Stepien and Mark Swiderski
Book by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, and Brain Holden with additional writing by Stepien. 

At the dawn of humanity, one tribe of cave-people survives the many trials of prehistoric life under the wise leadership of Jemilla, The Peacemaker.  But one member of the tribe doesn't seem to fit in: Zazzalil. She's always trying to invent things to make life easier… for herself. While out hatching her latest scheme, Zazzalil stumbles upon the most important discovery in history. One that will pit her tribe against wooly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and change the world forever. She'll travel from omega to alpha, and become… the Firebringer!


Villains Burlesque

October 13th & 14th, 2023

Duration: 90 Minutes

An ACT Original Production

This Halloween, the iconic villain's you know and love are ready to get down and dirty. There's nothing they wont do to get what they want. Give into your dark side. This fun & empowering 2 night event consisting of men and women, of all sizes and personalities cant be missed!

Alcohol will be available for a $5 Donation. Entry in:18+ Only.



October 20th - 29th, 2023

Written By Patrick Hamilton

For the mere sake of adventure, danger, and the "fun of the thing," Wyndham Brandon persuades his weak minded friend, Charles Granillo, to assist him in the murder of a fellow undergraduate, a perfectly harmless man named Ronald Raglan. They place the body in a wooden chest, and to add spice to their handiwork, invite a few acquaintances, including the dead youth's father, to a party, the chest with its gruesome contents serving as a supper table. The horror and tension are worked up gradually; thunder grows outside, the guests leave, and we see the reactions of the two murderers.


Death Is Relative: Dinner Theatre

October 20th - 28th, 2023 


Enjoy the festivities at ACT. Halloween is right around the corner, and we plan on giving you a spooky night. A night filled with mystery and murder. We promise it wasn't the cook. But what we do promise is the cook making you a delicious meal. It's to die for! 

Enjoy the crazy characters who you'll be able to meet with and talk to. It's almost as if you'll be apart of their story. It's up to you if the murderer is discovered. Who doesn't love a spooky dinning experience?   (Cue Lighting Crash)


War of the World:
Radio Show

Oct. 28th & 29th, 2023

Produced by Lonestar Sound
In cooperation with KNION NOW

Broadcast from New York's Mercury Theatre in 1938, this infamous radio play, based on the novel by H. G. Wells, had many terrified listeners convinced that an actual alien invasion of Earth was taking place. Adapted by Howard E. Koch, co-writer of Casablanca, and directed and narrated by Orson Welles, this original script detailing the frightening tale of an extraterrestrial takeover  is brought to life onstage to thrill and chill audiences. 


Best Little Whorehouse In Texas

November 11th - 19th, 2023

Book by Larry L. King and Peter Masterson
Music and Lyrics by Carol Hall
Based on a story by Larry L. King

Miss Mona runs the Chicken Ranch, a brothel with a long history in a small Texas town. The locals have a good relationship with the institution, and Mona is respected in the community. The sheriff, Ed Earl Dodd, also looks out for the Chicken Ranch due to his past with Miss Mona. However, when pious reporter Melvin Thorpe exposes the brothel, outside interests want it shut down, putting the governor in a tough spot.


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Do you want to be on the stage? Backstage? Usher? Assistant Direct? Direct? Or Just Volunteer?


ACT gives its public the opportunity to show off their hidden talent in the theatre space. 

ACT has for the past 25 years inspired new-comers to try out
and build their confidence and skill all the while giving a fun and productive experience.

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Rooms for Rentals

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Attention Plano Arts Groups! ACT is making available at no charge a room for use in the artistic pursuits, the third Tuesday of every month from 6:00-9:00 PM, for activities supporting 10-to-25 people. Contact for details and scheduling!


KERA members will receive a two-for-one discount at the door for non-special event shows! Look up the show date and time, note your desired seats from those available, and e-mail with your request so we can hold your reservation; you may pay at the door when you show your KERA membership card.


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