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If signed up children are required to be here for their performances. If you are gone during some of the camp days, ACT will work with you, as long as you tell us prior to arriving to the camp which camp days you are not able to attend. 

Only ages 5 - 8They perform the full 2 act show. CAMPS RUN 2 Week: Monday - Friday 9am - 1pm. They Perform on 4 Show Days

FREE Lunches & Snacks Available & 1 Field Trip Day to Garland Hawaiian Falls

ACT Family gets $50 OFF!

Half Day Camps



ONLY for ages 5 - 8. Camps are available Monday - Friday, 9am -1pm culminating in a production at the end of the second Friday camp.

Children will be divided into 4 groups, rotating through roughly 2 hour stations. We teach and focus on Dance, Music, Acting, Story Creation, Arts & Crafts, and Improv. All stations work on projects related to the selected theme of the camp.


For your children to be accepted into the program parents/guardians are REQUIRED to attend the parent meeting on the first day of camp at the end of the day May 27th, 2024 at 5pm. If parents do not attend the required parent meeting their slot in the summer camp program may be forfeit. Take Note: there is no refunds.


This Camp is the full 2 act productions.

This camp is a full production based camp, wherein the children will be given a script, music, & choreography to learn in order to mount a full 2 weekend production at the end of the two weeks.


Each camp has a different date and time of performances. Please check the details in each camp to check out the performances for the camps. 


This is a communal Theatre. Meaning everyone chips in to do their fair share in clean up. Also the children during lunch and snack time gets to have fun picnic style. Eliminating table groups so no child is separated or ostracized from any group. We will evaluate and assess each child on the first day of class to make sure they are assigned an appropriate developmental group of peers.


We have a lunch & 2 snack breaks throughout the day. All Groups sit together "picnic style" to encourage group cohesion. We also offer free food with the 501c3 non-profit Unique Pieces. They provide free lunches for people in need. The Free provided lunch may not suit the dietary restrictions or needs of your child, please look over the planned menu before making that decision, parents are more than welcome to provide lunch from home. Unique pieces only provides one snack for the day, so please send a 2nd snack.

Provided Menu will be provided at a later date.


​ACT permits 1 day for all campers to par-take in a field trip, due to parents permission. Parents must sign a permission slip if they are ok for their kid/s to attend said field trip. The field trip will take place at Hawaiian Falls in Garland Tx. 4550 N Garland Ave, Garland, TX 75040

Parents on Field Trip Day are to drop off their kid at Hawaiian Falls and can pick up at the end of the day at 5pm.

If you need to pick up your child early at Hawaiian Falls you must schedule that with the ACT Hawaiian Falls Coordinator Teacher.


9:00-9:30 morning greeting and games

9:30-10:30 First class

10:30-11:15 snack

11:15 - 12:30 Second Class

12:30-1:00 lunch

1-3:00 class 3

3-3:15 2nd snack

3:15-4:45 4th class

4:45-5:00 group assembly games/movies/summary/briefing for next day

We have partnered with Unique Pieces. They offer for no charge a Free Snack and a Free Lunch for our Free Summer Camps!

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